About Us

Ron Pfeifer

Mr. Pfeifer is a seed investor in Immunity Pharma and the chair of the Board of Directors. Mr. Pfeifer is a real estate entrepreneur and investor, involved in three American companies. A serial investor since 1999, he invests in dozens of young companies focused on early stage and diversified new markets. His investments include biopharma and medical device, greentech and fintech, defence and security as well as automotive. Mr. Pfeifer invested in the first round of Mobileye. In addition to his role at Immunity Pharma, Mr. Pfeifer serves in the board of directors of three other companies. Mr. Pfeifer holds a B.Sc degree in Physical Geography and a management degree, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Oren M. Becker, PhD

Dr. Becker is a Founder and member of the Board of Directors of Immunity Pharma. He brings more than 20 years of biopharmaceutical industry entrepreneurship and leadership experience, with expertise in the discovery and development of innovative novel pharmaceuticals. Dr. Becker has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Vidac Pharmaceuticals since 2013. Dr. Becker led or co-led more than $2B worth of deals with GSK, Amgen, Teva, Clevexel, and CFFT. Dr. Becker was a Founder, Director and Chief Science Officer of Predix Pharmaceuticals (Lexington, MA and Ramat-Gan, Israel), a GPCR-focused neurology play which was acquired by Epix Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:EPIX) for $125M. Subsequently he served as the CSO of Epix. Under his leadership, five novel drugs were discovered and introduced into clinical development (Phases 1 to 3). Dr. Becker was also the Founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Dynamix Pharmaceuticals, a cancer and autoimmune drug discovery and development company. Dr. Becker was a professor at Tel-Aviv University and at Harvard University. He holds a PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and post-doctoral training from Harvard University. Dr. Becker has published more than 50 scientific papers, has co-edited two books, and is an inventor on more than 10 patents.

Eran Ovadia

Eran Ovadia has been a high-tech manager since 1992. He directed strategic new product development activities in ServiceSoft and Comverse Network Systems. Since 2004 he has led entrepreneurial activities in the areas of biotechnology that ultimately led him to founding the drug development company Immunity Pharma Ltd, based on technologies from the Weizmann Institute of Science. Eran has an MBA degree (Tel Aviv International School of Management) and life science degree (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem).